he eighth annual Missouri Meeting of the Minds will be held the weekend after Labor Day at Lake of the Ozarks. The largest crowd of the weekend will be at the Saturday afternoon party at the Captain's Galley floating restaurant.  Here guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Mark Northey, will play Buffett tunes, and the Lake of the Ozark Parrot Head Club will have a charity auction and raffle.  Other weekend activities include dinner at Tequillaville restaurant, tentive poker run, barbeque with live music from Gary Sluhan at the Red Oak resort clubhouse, and breakfast at the clubhouse.  Questions? Contact Jill Schmidt at 314-894-0707 or jill@sillyjilly.com.
     Red Oak Resort and RV Park, RedOakResort.com,  will be "party central" when we are not at Tequillaville or Captain's Galley.  Red Oak has a variety of accommodations.  All units have a kitchen except for most of the motel rooms:  
Motel unit, one bedroom, one bath, two queen beds, plus some have two twin hide-a-beds, 4 people max, $70 without kitchen, $85 with kitchen.  You may request one of the motel buildings by the lake or the building by the office and clubhouse.  Most parrot heads will want to stay by the office and clubhouse.  (Fishermen usually request a motel room by the lake.)  If you get a motel room by the lake, you'll walk up a long steep hill to get to the Saturday night party (but it will be a short walk to Friday night at Tequillaville.)
Efficiency unit, one bedroom and bath, part of duplex, $70 a night for up to 2 people, $85 4 people
Two-bedroom one-bath home, three queen beds $125, sleeps up to 8 people. 
Three-bedroom two-bath home, $150
Brand New 2 & 3 Bedroom Condos, $145 to $175
RV pad campsite, $22 a night, includes electric, water, and sewer.  Tents are allowed on the RV campsites, $22 per night. 
    Boat slips are $10 a night.  Red Oak also has a pool, bathhouse, convenience store, playground, mini-golf, tennis court, volleyball court, walking trail, a boat dock with ladder, and pontoon and fishing boat rentals. The resort is in Camdenton which is about three to three and a half hours from St. Louis.   Rooms will probably sell out, so make your reservations early by calling Red Oak at (877) 733-3625.  No special parrot head rate.
     If Red Oak is booked and you have made reservations at another good place, please let Jill know, and she will advertise the other lodging here.
     Need to find a carpool or roommates? Contact Jill Schmidt at (314) 894-0707, or jill@sillyjilly.com.

Missouri Meeting of the Minds 2000,
Friday Night--Ann and Andy from Omaha watch Mark sing.
September 8, 2000-- Mark Northey takes requests for Buffett songs at the Halfway Inn.
September 9, 2000, Captain's Galley-- Mark sings The Nymphomaniac Song as Gerri Greenwood helps illustrate the lyrics. "She's three feet tall with her head about to here, and a flat spot on her head for my Corona beer." 

Silly Jilly the balloon artist makes balloons hats for Captain's Galley phlockers.

     From Camdenton, take MO-5 about three miles north of 54 and veer right onto lake road 5-89.  Pay 
careful attention to stay on 5-89 meaning you'll need to stay left at the fork.  After four miles turn left at Captain's Galley sign and drive down a steep gravel road.
     From Red Oak, take MO-5 south about six miles. Turn left on Lake Road 5-89, stay left at the forkand turn left just past the Captain's Galley sign.
     By boat the galley is at mile marker 31.  Red Oak Resort is at mile marker 32.5.

From St. Louis
-Take I-44 west about 125 miles past I-270.  
-When you come to exit 150, turn right on MO-7.  
-Take MO-7 until it ends at MO-5 and turn right.  
-Turn right on Lake Road 5-65 which is 8 miles past Highway 54 and one mile past the Niangua Bridge.  
-You're less than a mile from the resort driveway which is on your left. 

From Northern Metro St. Louis
-Start out going east on I-70 about 60 miles past 40/61. 
-At the Kingdom City exit, go south (left) on US-54. After about 90 miles you'll reach downtown Camdenton. 
-Turn right on MO-5
-Go about 8 miles and turn right on 5-65.

From Kansas City
-Go east on I-70 about 67 miles past 435. 
-Take the US-65 south exit towards Sedalia.  
-Go about 58 miles and turn left on MO-7.  
-After about 30 miles MO-7 will dead end at MO-5, and you'll need to turn right.  
-Go about a 1/4 mile and turn left on Lake Road 5-65.  
From Springfield, MO
-Start out going east on I-44 about 45 miles past US-65.  
-Go north (left) on MO-5 (exit 129), towards Lebanon.  
-After about 25 miles you'll be in downtown Camdenton.  
-Go about 9 more miles and turn right on Lake Road 5-65
1. Friday Day 
     Parrot heads will start arriving Friday morning, September 5, or earlier. During the day on Friday some of us might be hanging out at the Red Oak pool and enjoying Buffett CDs. Parrot heads with boats or jet skis will be out on the lake, and others may be playing golf, shopping at the outlet mall, go carting, renting jet skis, or taking advantage of the many other fun lake activities.  

2. Friday 6:30
     Friday night we'll go Tequillaville, 573-873-3311,
 waterfront restaurant for dinner and fun.  They claim to have the best margaritas on the lake, and they have a small deck (in addition to the indoor section.)  Tequillaville will probably have live entertainment--maybe Mark Northey.  Silly Jilly the Balloon Artist will twist balloon hats.  To get there walk down Red Oak's steep hill to the lake.  You'll see a path on the right which will take you to Tequillaville.  Parrot Heads will start arriving at Tequillaville around 6:30 and probably stay past midnight.

3. Saturday 11:30
     Mark Northey will perform Buffett songs, along with a few of his own songs, for a packed house at Captain's Galley outdoor floating restaurant Saturday from 1:00 to 5:00.  Balloon artists, John and Johnna Perry, from the Kansas City Parrot Head Club, will twist wild and crazy balloon hats.  
     The Lake of the Ozarks club is organizing a charity silent auction and raffle to be held Saturday afternoon at the Captain's Galley.  Cash and checks are the only method of payment for auction items.  If you would like to donate an item please contact Denise Northey at NORTHSTARMUSIC@cs.com or (573) 374-6541. 
      The Captain's Galley, (573) 873-5227, cgalley@lakeozark.net, serves delicious appetizers, sandwiches, and the best frozen drinks on the lake.  
     This Saturday afternoon party will be held rain or shine.  In case of rain, the party will be in the Captain's Galley two-story land based section.

3 1/2.  Also Saturday 11:30
     The Kansas City Parrot Head Club might sponsor a Poker Run.  Participants will go to five bars using a map provided by the Kansas City club.  At each stop each person on the boat will get to draw a card.  The person with the best poker hand will win a prize.   The Poker Run is tentative because we are not sure if people will want to miss most of the Captain’s Galley party, and we are not sure if we’ll have enough boats.  The Kansas City club is going to give the Poker Run a try because a complaint about previous Ozark Phlockings is there is not an activity on the lake.  Please contact Kansas City Co-President Johnna Perry (816-792-5390, jperryii@swbell.net) if you would like to participate.  If you don’t have a boat, Johnna will probably be able to find you space on one.

4. Saturday 7:00 
     The Lake of the Ozarks Parrot Head Club will serve dinner at the Red Oak small clubhouse Saturday night at 7:00.  You don't need to bring any food or drink, unless you want something other than Coke, Sprite, or water to drink.   
    Denise Northey is bringing desert, Jill is bringing soda, and the Captian's Galley is donating the plates, forks and napkins.  We will have a bucket out for donations.  If you are attending the dinner, please contact Jill Schmidt, jill@sillyjilly.com, (314) 894-0707, by Labor Day so we'll know how much food to buyhowever, if you forget to call, you may still attend.  
     Talented musican Gary Sluhan will perform your favorite Buffett songs.  You'll love Gary.  He knows many obsure Buffett tunes.  Give a big thank you to the fun Kansas City Parrot Head Club for sponsoring Gary.
     Balloon decorator, Johnna Perry, from Kansas City is donating her time and balloons to provide amazing decorations for the barbeque.   Durring Gary Sluhan's break, Johnna will lead us in playing a fun tropical trivia game with prizes.  So give Johnna a big thank you for the decorations and trivia game.
5. Sunday 8:30 to 10:00
      The Kansas City Parrot Head Club is kindly providing a free hot Feeding Frenzy breakfast Sunday morning at the Red Oak clubhouse (which Red Oak calls the "pavillion" as not to confuse it with the larger Red Oak clubhouse.)  The Kansas City Parrot Head Club is not asking that you pay them for the breakfast; however, we would appreciate those eating would make a small donation to the lake club's three charities.  A donation bucket will be available.

6. Sunday Noon 
      Sunday 12:00 to 4:00 Mark will play at Captain's Galley.

      Singer songwriter guitarist Mark Northey speciallizes in performing Jimmy Buffett songs.  He also performs comedy songs.  His live audience participation act keeps you guessing because with his antics you never know what he will do next.  The twenty-five years of performing Jimmy Buffett songs has helped him get gigs at Key West Margaritaville and Parrot Heads in Paradise conventions in New Orleans and Key West.  Mark Northey even performed on stage with Jimmy Buffett in 1983. He has four CDs, Women Wine and ThongsSon of the Beach, Dog and Pony Show, and Live at Keys.  Mark perfoms at the Captain's Galley every Saturday and Sunday afternoon during the summer.

Missouri Parrot Head Clubs
     For the 2001 Ozark phlocking members of all five Missouri parrot head clubs attended: Lake of the Ozarks club, Springfield/ Branson clubSt. Louis clubKansas City club, and Kirksville club.
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     Take 5 north almost 6 miles to F and turn right.  Turn right on F-10.  At the end of F-10 turn left.  You'll be on a gravel road; you may want to park on this road, as there are not many good parking spots on Kent's road. You'll soon see two narrow roads on the right that are very close to each other.  These roads are so narrow, they look like driveways.  Take the second road.  Kent's house is the first house on the right, and you'll need to walk down lots of wood stairs to get there.

Anyone Is Invited
You Don't Need to Be a Parrot Head and You Don't Need to Be From Missouri

 Balloon Decor

The Up, Up, and Away Balloon company is kind enought to provide beautiful balloon decorations for the Saturday night dinner and Sunday breakfast.

   If you need party decor, consider calling John and Johnna Perry of Up, Up, and Away Balloons at (816) 792-5390, upupandawayballoons.com.  They can provide you with beautiful balloon centerpieces, balloon arches, and more.
Co-Ed Topless Lake Swimming, 1997 
Ron Schmidt and Jill Colquhoun at Captian's Galley first annual September Ozark Phlocking.
Rebecca and Jim from Kansas City, Friday Night 2001 at Kent's Hot Tub "Cave."

Will and Carol from Springfied

Jeff from Kansas City fondles balloon breasts.

The Greys from Whichita

Karl the Cook

Kevin and Trisha From Kirksville
Saturday Night 2001

Jim From Springfield
Breakfast 2001

Interested in Hiring Mark Northey?
     Mark Northey also performs parties.     
     Contact him at: 
* Lake of the Ozarks home: (573) 374-6541 
* Cell: (573) 216-4242
* E-mail: NORTHSTARMUSIC@cs.com

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     You do not need to register for the Missouri Meeting of the Minds.  All that is asked is that you RSVP by Labor Day if you are attending the Saturday night barbeque.  This way we won't run out of food.  You can either contact Jill Schmidt (jill@sillyjilly.com, 314-894-0707), or you could contact someone in your club who will in turn contact Jill.  For example: Ann McElhenny from the KC club, Denise Northey from the lake club.

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Sept. 10, 11, & 12, 2004
Do you have ideas on how we could improve the phlocking?  Please let Jill (jill@sillyjilly.com 314-894-0707) know your ideas.

  Looking for Great Buffett Type Music in the St. Louis Area?
Contact musician Gary Sluhan at 
(314) 602-6839 www.garysluhan.com.

     St. Louis singer guitarist Gary Shluhan specializes in performing Jimmy Buffett songs.  Because Gary is a bit crazy himself, he feels it only natural that Jimmy Buffett songs are Gary’s favorite.  The song that best describes Gary and his fans is We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About.  See Gary perform at the phlocking’s Saturday night barbeque.  

Who Is Gary Sluhan?
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